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Martin Modern


Over 80% of Land Area

set aside for a unique botanic garden and an arboretum of native trees and vegetation.

15 Different Garden Spaces

with various concepts like a party lawn, a forest trail, rain gardens and a maze among others.

More than 200 Species of Plants

and more than 50 species of trees and palms, including native ones like the jelutong, meranti and chengal.

Unforgettable Gardenscape Spread over 3 Levels

because the site has a 10-metre upward slope from one end to the other.

Martin Modern - Site Plan with Facilities

Martin Modern - Arrival Court

Arrival Court

Martin Modern - Party Lawn

Party Lawn

Martin Modern - Dining Lounge

Dining Lounge

Martin Modern - BBQ Pavilion

BBQ Pavilion

Martin Modern - Garden Spring

Garden Spring

Martin Modern - Aquatic Garden

Aquatic Garden

Martin Modern - Secret Garden

Secret Garden